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Recruitment Agencies

We get many calls from recruitment agencies and appreciate the interest you have in supporting our business.

Tochin's preferred way of working is to recruit candidates direct to our business and believe in promoting from within whenever possible. Our purpose is to make our services available and more affordable to our customers. With this in mind, the majority of colleagues who work here apply directly.

Accredited Suppliers List

Many candidates approach us directly; however, from time to time we may need help from recruitment agencies who are on our Accredited Supplier List (ASL).

All areas of our business have an ASL and we always adhere to this. We've worked hard with our suppliers to build solid relationships based on trust and respect. Our recruitment agencies are always briefed fully on the role(s) we need them to work on, understand our brand, culture and ideology. This saves us time not reviewing potential candidates that are not right for us. We therefore do not accept speculative CVs. We have no plans to review our ASL at the moment, so please do not ask us to! We ask that you respect the relationships we've built up with our ASL and follow our guidelines. We always work with our ASL to work on our difficult-to-fill roles.

Putting Candidates Forward

If you are an ASL agency, any vacancies we want you to work on will be sent to you via the Portal and candidates must be submitted via the Portal. Candidates received in any other way (by ASL or non-ASL providers), will not be considered as owned by that agency and should we decide to hire the candidate we will pay no fees to you. Before submitting a candidate via the agency Portal, we would always expect you to have met with the candidate personally, discussed the specific vacancy and interviewed them - as well as having followed up relevant references.

What Else Do We Need You To Agree To?

Most importantly - do not contact any of our colleagues directly; all recruitment queries and communication should come through the Portal. Do not advertise on our behalf using our company logo, name or any of our branding without our written agreement.

On A Final Note

If we need your help and support, we will contact you!  We do not take calls from agencies who are not on our ASL so please do not be offended if calls are not returned! Just like we have an ASL we also have a Blacklisted Supplier List (BSL). Any ASL or non-ASL that does not respect our way of working is a business we would not wish to work with and will be added to our BSL. We have no plans to review our BSL at the moment, so please do not ask us to!

We want to have a great working relationship with you and we understand you want the same and are just trying to do your job. So we ask you to please respect the way we work.

Thank you for your understanding.